Daniel Rouse

With a professional background in landscape architecture, Daniel Rouse has the same goals in designing for landscape and fabric – to create an experience using composition, materials, movement and surprise. His bold graphic quilts draw on traditional, contemporary and modern approaches.

Daniel learned to sew as a child on his mother’s sewing machine, making a few bags and the occasional costume or t-shirt. He bought a second-hand machine in the 90’s, and finally caught the quilting bug a decade later. Inspired by recent quilting exhibits and faced with furnishing a new home, he dove right in and pieced and quilted an improv-style queen-sized blanket. He’s been hooked since that first quilt, and always starts a new project as soon as the last is completed (or more likely, before it’s completed). Daniel enjoys teaching quilting, and never fails to learn something new from each new bunch of students. Daniel blogs at Piece and Press.