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Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, 2016

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, 2016

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Mighty Lucky Quilting Club

We have disabled the ability to purchase the online version of the 2016 Club and instead created a Print on Demand Book that compiles all of the twelve Challenges from 2016 into one Workbook for only $28.95.

**International Shipping is available. Please email us at to get a quote based on your mailing address.

The Table Of Contents includes:

And here are some peeks at the inside:

To purchase, select the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club 2016 Workbook option from the drop-down menu and add to your cart. The book will be digitally printed just for you, spiral bound and sent to the address you supply at check-out. Because this is a custom printing digital option, please be aware that this printing method is not the same as our normally printed books and results in a book more similar to a really great color copy. We selected this option because of the Please allow 10 days for us to process, print and ship your order.

If you are looking for new online Challenges, we are still accepting subscriptions to the 2017 Mighty Lucky Quilting Club found here. You can select just one month for $5 each, or purchase an annual subscription for $50.



The Mighty Lucky Quilting Club is the first monthly subscription club of its kind that focuses on challenging you with design concepts in the quilt making process. It's like a gym membership for quilters! From playing with improvisation and negative space to finding inspiration and creating your own compositions …and everything in’ll be challenged each month with a new skill to try, with pages of instructions, examples, and inspiration from one of your favorite quilters.

In the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, a popular quilt designer/trainer each month will provide a Challenge for you to work through along with materials needed, guided instruction, detailed techniques and plenty of inspirational images. You can try it once and set it aside. You can turn the challenge into a full quilt if you’d like. You can do the challenge more than once! And of course you’ll want to take photos and share your efforts with others in the club as you work through the projects each month #mightylucky on Instagram and Twitter and post to Facebook at

Ready to flex your quilting design muscles?

If you’ve moved beyond the quilting basics, you’re probably already eyeing how to put your own personal touch on your projects. But sometimes - just like when think about joining a gym to get fit and healthy - the task can seem daunting when you’re only looking at the overall goal.

So you tend to put it off with the plan to do it “someday.”

Does this sound like you?

But when your path to your next quilting breakthrough is broken down into well-defined tasks and challenges – and you have the incentive to keep yourself accountable for making those strides – you’re really on track to stretch and grow.

Just as with a “Mystery Block of the Month Club,” when you join the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club, you’ll receive a single challenge or project idea each month. Unlike a mystery BOM club, though, these projects are focused on increasing your design skills rather than simply completing a specific block or section of a quilt.

Every month, the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club will train you to think about a new aspect of your quilt process. And little by little, you’ll reach that goal of expanding your skills in both design and technique. No longer will you wait to do it “someday.”


Ready to train with us? Here are the answers to commonly asked questions.

How much does it cost to join the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club?

The Mighty Lucky Quilt Club costs only $5 per month, or just $50 for a full, one-year membership.

How will I receive my design challenges in the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club?

Each challenge will be uploaded to your account on the 1st of each month. Simply log in to your account, click on the PDF file, download and save to your computer, then get sewing!

Who will the quilt designers/trainers be?

January - Krista Fleckenstein

February - Season Evans

March - Rossie Hutchinson

April - Alison Glass

May - Amy Gibson

June - Angela Walters

July - Cheryl Arkison

August - Sarah Fielke

September - Jacquie Gering

October - Nichole Voglesinger

November - Amanda Jean Nyberg

December - Carolyn Friedlander

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