Limited Edition: WALK2.0

More Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot

Have you mastered the walking foot designs in the best-selling WALK: Mastering Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot and are looking for more inspiration?

Go beyond the basics with WALK2.0 by walking foot rockstar Jacquie Gering and learn over 60 new designs including 60-degree grids, rotational designs, Sashiko-inspired designs, and dozens of new variations. Gering also tackles that dreaded phrase, 'quilt as desired', and offers practical advice and tips for determining the best quilting plan for your next quilt. Finally, a gallery of recent work keep the inspiration going.

Jacquie briefly reviews walking foot quilting basics guiding you through a series of troubleshooting tips and test drives to set you up for success with your walking foot. Packed with useful advice gained over hundreds of hours of teaching walking foot quilting to students, WALK2.0 is a sure to become as essential to your quilting as WALK has.

From straightforward and always-useful point-to-point designs like Divided Diamonds, minamilist and traditional Sashiko Cubes or beautiful and curvy Double Orange Peel, there is something for everyone. Use one of the three full-sized interval tools to have a blast with rotational designs that are a cinch to customize and inspire endless possibilities.  

Create the textures you crave with a toolbox of simple to complex designs you can quilt on your home machine right now. With a walking foot, you’ll find a level of control and success you never thought possible and you’ll become as excited about the quilting as you are about your piecing. But beyond the designs themselves, Gering spends time discussing how the quilting can really transform your quilt, including creating unity, adding texture and defining shapes in the piecing to help you avoid design paralysis and get you excited to start quilting with your walking foot. Walk on!



Limited Edition: To celebrate the launch of WALK2.0, we are producing a Limited Edition available only for pickup or purchase at QuiltCon 2020
(no exceptions)
, two months before the general release of WALK2.0 this coming Spring. These will not be made available to the general public outside of QuiltCon 2020.

The Limited Edition WALK2.0 are hand-numbered and signed by Jacquie Gering on a custom signature page awaiting personalization to you by Jacquie at either the launch party at Central Brewing Company, Austin on Thursday 20 February, or the signing times at the Lucky Spool QuiltCon booth #125.

The Limited Edition also features a blingy silver foiled hardcover slipcase, blue dyed edging, printed endpapers and, best of all, includes additional bonus content!

Pre-order yours now for collection at QuiltCon 2020

Limited Edition WALK2.0 is $40 and is limited to 2 copies per customer.

  • Author: Jacquie Gering
  • ISBN13: 978-1-940655-43-7
  • Format: Paperback 
  • Book Trim: 8 x 10
  • Pages: Limited Edition 184 pages
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