Submission Guidelines

Interested in writing a book for us? We publish illustrated books in the areas of sewing, quilting and knitting. Here is what we would like to know from you in order to consider a book proposal:

  • Brief Bio (200 words max).
  • Contact Details (name, address, email, websites, twitter/instagram handles).
  • Brief 1 paragraph overview of the book concept.
  • Proposed table of contents.
  • Images of projects and/or of techniques that will be included in the book. These can be sketches along with possible fabric swatches, EQ files, or finished projects (quilted or unquilted). This helps us know exactly what will be in the book.
  • Listing of other print and/or online publications in which your work has appeared (magazines and/or books). This helps us to determine who your fans/potential buyers are.
  • Listing of online tutorials or other visual media in which your work has appeared (if any). This gives us an idea of how you communicate instructions.
  • Attach images of your work (minimum of 5, maximum of 10) that best showcase your unique artistic vision. These should be previously completed projects that are not going to appear in the book, but represent the style you have developed. This will help our design team to understand your aesthetic.
  • A design brief/board of your vision for the design of your book (include references to and/or images of other books, blogs, online/print magazines, color stories, etc.). This is so we can get an idea of the look and feel of the book you envision. It can be anything from a photograph that you love, fabrics you will want to use, color stories that you love, really anything visual that will help our stylists and design team understand the look and feel you want to achieve.
  • Top 5 key selling points of why your book will be important to our creative community and what natural trends/hooks/marketing opportunities exist for your proposal.
  • List of competitive titles (minimum of three). These are books that you think your end reader may be deciding between (your book and book X). This helps us determine the type of customer you feel will be attracted to your work.

    Send your proposal via email to Susanne@luckyspool (dot) com


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