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Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, 2018

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, 2018

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Mighty Lucky Quilting Club

2018 year is The Year of Color!

The Mighty Lucky Quilting Club is the first monthly subscription club of its kind that focuses on challenging you with design concepts in the quilt making process, and this year all of our Instructors will focus on Color. Working effectively with color is the #1 complaint of quilters, and our experts will walk you through everything from breaking out of the single fabric collection bundle, to working effectively with low-volume fabrics. Different colorways for each month will be presented and a robust conversation about what works and what isn't as’ll be challenged each month with a new skill to try, with pages of instructions, examples, and inspiration from one of your favorite quilters.

"I am enjoying the monthly Challenges so much! They are clever and push you to explore ideas and techniques."

—Diana V. from Virginia

In the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, a popular quilt designer/trainer every other month will provide a challenge for you to work through along with materials needed, guided instruction, detailed techniques and plenty of inspirational images.

What's New This Year?

A lot!! Based on Member feedback, this year is a little different. You have said that the pace is too quick, and we listened!

  • For 2018, there will be a Challenge every other month
  • Based on your feedback, the Instructors are all working together so that their Challenges create a unique collaboratively designed 60'' x 80'' quilt top by the end of October 2018.
  • In November and December Angela Walters will give you quilting ideas and instruction for completing your Challenge quilt.
  • We are getting rid of having to sign into an account, and just delivering each PDF of the Challenge via email. Nice and simple!

Never before have these talented Instructors worked together on a collaboration. Each will build on the shapes, colors, piecing methods and techniques of the previous Block or Row

Just as with a “Mystery Block of the Month Club,” when you join the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club, you’ll receive a single Challenge Block or Row every other month. These Challenges remain focused on increasing your design and, this year, specifically your color skills rather than simply completing a specific block or section of a quilt.

Ready to join us? Here are the answers to commonly asked questions.

How much does it cost to join the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club?

The Mighty Lucky Quilt Club is $50 for a full, one-year membership. Because of the collaborative nature of the Challenge this year, individual month's are not available.

How will I receive my design challenges in the Mighty Lucky Quilt Club?

Each Challenge will be sent right to your 'In' box using the email account you register with. On the 1st of each month we will send you an email containing a link to the PDF. Click on the link to the PDF file, download and save to your computer, then get sewing!

Who will the quilt designers/trainers be?

January/February - Carolyn Friedlander

March/April - Nicholas Ball

May/June - Rossie Hutchinson

July/August - Cheryl Arkison

September/October- Amy Friend

November/December - Angela Walters

What type of support will I get when I join?

The Instructor for each month’s topic will issue a Challenge at the beginning of Month 1, then provide additional tips and encouragement as you continue working through the Challenge. At the beginning of their Month 2, you will receive an email with additional Inspiration and Color discussion. Each Instructor will also interact with you on social media if you tag them in your posts!

How can I engage with other members of the club?

Share photos of your work on any social media network using #mightylucky. Don’t forget to encourage others, and they will be sure to encourage you as well!

What if my entire guild wants to join?

We think this is a great idea! Contact us at for a custom quote based on the number of members in your guild.

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By purchasing using the $50 Annual Subscription link below, you will be subscribing to the full 12 months/challenges that will be delivered via PDF to your email on the 1st of each month throughout 2017. Each file may be downloaded a maximum of 5 times, so please save this to your computer immediately.

We've attached some images from a prior Challenge so that you can see how everything works!

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